10 point to note during PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Gandhi Ashram.

10 point to note during PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Gandhi Ashram.

Israel P.M Benjamin Netanyahu will spend 7 hours in PM Modi’s home state Ahmadabad before leaving to Mumbai.

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P.M. Modi after receiving Israel P.M Benjamin Netanyahu at Ahmadabad Airport today . They when on for a 8 KM long road show to Sabarmati Ashram. The show was heavily guarded with massive security which included Israel snipers. Due security reasons their rally in op top car was cancelled according to the officials. P.M Benjamin is the third international to be hosted at PM Modis home state Gujarat after Japans Shinzo Abe and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Bejamin and his wife sara are her for a days visit.

Here are 10 important points your should know with this visit.

. ‘It was an inspiring visit to Hriday Kunj’ at Sabarmati Ashram Mahatma Gandhi’s Home said Mr.Netanyahu. Netanyahu and his wife Sara tried spinning Mahatma Gandhi;s Charkha. Later P.M Modi also showed them how to fly a kite.

. Before leaving for Mumbai Prim Minister Benjamin shall spend around 7 hours in Gujarat. After inaugurating iCreate center at Deo Dholera Village both the leaders visit Center of excellence for agriculture at SabarKantha created by Israel. This center is 100 Kms away from the Ashram.

Nethanyahu said,” PM Modi and I are both very young and both very optimistic, we are young in our thinking and optimistic about the future,

10 point to note during PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Gandhi Ashram.

. PM Natanyahu has brought a Gift for PM Modi which has a Gal-Mobile Water Distillation and purification vehicle which is to be installed at a small village 10 Km of Rann of Kutch. The vehicle has the capacity to purify around 20000 liters of water per day. PM Modi and PM Benjamin had even rode the vehicle during Modi’s visit to Israel last year in June.

. Traffic was effected during the road show as it was heavily guarded. Accroding to Gujarat Police 1 kilometer area was fortified with 12 teams of Cheetak Commandos , Bomb detection and disposal sqad , Quik response team and Police venues

. During the leaders visit in the Ashram special squads were deployed on high rise building roof tops and along sabarmati river in speedboats.

. People from different parts of the country were called to welcome the Israel PM which were accommodated at 50 tableaux including 1 tabelaux for tribal dancers junagad in Gujarat.

. Accompanied with wife Sara PM Benjamin is on a 6 day visit India. On arrival PM Modi hosted then at private dinner without officials.

. Both the leaders exchanged warmth with PM modie calling PM Banjamin as “Mera bhai bibi” in exchange of Benjamin’s remark calling PM Modi a ‘revolutationary leader”

. Calling PM Benjamin’s Gujarat Visit as an Opportunity which will fulfill the promise to hold mutual cooperation in diverse areas such as agriculture, innovation and technology.

. PM Benjamin headed to Mumbai where he will be opening a Memorial for 26/11 victims at Chabad house. Moshe Haltzman the eleven year who lost his parents in that tragic incident will also be present tomorrow in the ceremony.

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