11 Specially guarded Celebrates you wouldn’t dare to get close for an autograph.

11 Specially guarded Celebrates you wouldn’t dare to get close for an autograph

It’s tough to live a normal life if you are celebrity and finding yourself a lone place if tougher than that because these celebs are always surrounded by their security guards no matter if it’s just one or by their whole team. Here is the list of 11 celebrities who are extraordinarily guarded by big men you wouldn’t dare to ask for an autograph.

1. Jay-Z and Beyonce

There were many incidences when this infamous couples got attached by their fans. On their summer tour – On the Run one drunk man got on the stage from no where scaring the celebrities on stage, but luckily their bodyguards successful caught hold of the drunk man in nick of time. Since then the couple decided to tighten up their security.

Now the couple have almost 500 bodyguard tasked to protect Jay – Z, Beyounce and their daughter 27/7 surrounding then, 300 in the crowd to prevent any crazy run. 50 on stage to keep a watch. In normal life this couple have at least 3 bodyguards around them for security.

2. Tom Cruise

This man is the most searched celebrity on Google in the world and he is well aware of this fact so he always keeps himself surrounded with the best bodyguards in the world. Bodyguard tuned actor Sean Ringgold gave security to Tom Cruise, his wife and daughter for example time.

Not just it Tom now has a former Sniper and SWAT officer Mark Billingham .

3. Angelina Jolie

This world renowned actress and mother of 3 too has 3 bodyguards to her list. Before joining Tom Cruises team Mark Billingham protected Angelina Jolie’s 3 kids. Mark had worked for Angelina and her kids for such a long time that he because her confidant. He stood by and supported her during tough time of divorce with Brad Pitt. But this services isn’t cheap it cost her $2 million per annum.

4. Rihanna

Rihanna always has at least 5 bodyguards during her official events whom we can see dressing in stylish suits. It is known that Rihanna has a very friendly and informal relation with her bodyguards many a times they can be seen carrying her on their back during events or when its snowing.

5. Lady Gaga

Having millions of fans across the globe lady Gaga can always be seen surrounded by at least 4 tall guys securing her from fans who are very much obsessed. Pete Van Der Veen is one of her bodyguard who has worked with Gaga for many years.

6. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar the famous rapper generally avoids been seen in public but if you search the internet you can see him surrounded by 3 tall men protecting him. Paparazzi caught few pictures of him walking with his huge bodyguards with men like these to his side the singer has no reason to be afraid off.

7. David and Victoria Beckham

This world famous couple can never be seen alone. Always surrounded by their bodyguard Beckham has to drive his bulletproof Rolls Royce with two cars full of bodyguards even to pick up his kids from school. Beckham wishes to walk with his wife and kids on streets unnoticed but due to his popularity its has just been a dream for him now.

8. Jennifer Aniston

Whether it be shopping of events Jennifer Aniston can always be seen surrounded by her bodyguards who protect her from annoying fans and photographers. She always has at least 3 tall bodyguards with her who never take eye off from her.

9. Britney Spears

This renowned singer was once so scared from her boyfriend’s stalking that she had to tighten her security. Britney even added 2 more men that would guard her everyday.

10. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Since the last robbery incident Kim and Kanye have tighten their security level. Now Kanyne can be seen with big men and Kim with at least 3 bodyguards. With such security and travel in bullet proof cars they have to spend a hefty $1.5 Dollars per annum.

11. Drake

Drakes multiple bodyguards reputation has always been in controversy they go to any extend to protect him his bodyguards even fight with fans and photographers. Due to conflict with Kanye West who lives nearby Drake has tighten his security since December 2018. In addition to that Drake’s security has put a huge bulletproof car near his gate.

Which of these celebs made you wonder the way they approach to their security?

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