8 First Relationship Advice You Should Consider

8 First Relationship Advice You Should Consider 

The first relationship has a special place in our life but there are certain things before you get yourself into one. 


Below are 8 First Relationship advice you should consider before you enter. 

A romantic sunset, cool breeze, beach, and just the two of you lost into each other not bothering about the crowd staring but for you all that matters is spending that evening together. Sounds filmy right! All the romance could just fade away in a snap if you don't know how to keep the fire burning.

Don't be scared rather this article will help you to get prepare yourself to have a better relationship even if it's your first one. There are certain rules you need to follow before you enter your first relationship.

1. Speak for yourself: No matter how much you are into each other but never let him or her decide things for you. Always speak for yourself. For pity things it's okay but when it comes to yourself take a stand other he or she could dominate in the future.

2. Value your friends and family: It's a big no-no to leave your friends and family only for the sake of your partner. Remember these are the people who cared for you, supported you and they don't deserve such treatment. A relation doesn't demand just the two of you it needs family too.

3. Be Clear In What You Want: Never ever have entered in a relationship if you are confused over your choice. Be clear in what you want. This will keep you both happy and protect you from having a failed relationship.

4. Open Up Gradually:  Along with relation comes trust. It is said if the trust is lost everything is lost. Never hide any secret from your partner open up not at once but gradually. Before you do always confirm to have enough trust over your partner things can turn out otherwise so be very cautious here.

5. Maintain Your Self Respect:  People often forget the importance of self-respect whenever they are in a relation. Never allow your partner to hurt your self-respect. If they do and they don't deserve you. It's better to be single that way.

6. Be Real:  Be real because what you see in the movie doesn't necessarily happen in real life. Never expect your partner to fly an airplane writing your name in the sky or climbing a tower to propose you that's stupid right?  Accept your partner as they are if you want to be happy in a relationship.

7. Maintain Privacy: Often boys ask girls to do things which they shouldn't be doing. Don't get physical, don't send nude pictures. You should always have a fine line between privacy and relationship.

8. Move On: It's good for you if things turn our smooth and you end up marrying your partner but even if they don't it's okay you got an experience which will help you to handle things better in the near future. Always remember there is nothing called permanent in life, change is the law of nature. But whenever you end up with the right partner be true to him or her.  

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