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8 Side Effects Of Wearing Mask

8 Side Effects Of Wearing Mask 

These days your face is doing double duty in curbing the spread of Coronavirus. It helps stay protected from infections and simultaneously stops you from spreading it to others.  But there are 8 side effects of wearing of face mask you are totally unaware of.


1. You Can Have Messy EyeSight


Your exhaled air can go into your eyes giving you an uncomfortable feeling and an impulse to touch your eyes. It can infect you if your hands are contaminated. Avoid the temptation of touching your face. Wash your hands thoroughly at least for 20 seconds with soap.

2. They can give you an uncomfortable feeling     

The first thing to consider before buying a mask is that it should be snug, not tight.  A snugly fitting mask will avoid respiratory droplets from entering or escaping. A tight mask will reduce your space and make you uncomfortable to breathe. Cotton is the best material for a regular mask is as it traps less moisture due to sweating and breathing.

3. It can restrict Airflow


Mask increases breathlessness as it restricts the inflow of Air. It does more harm than benefit to people suffering from COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases. A certain amount of carbon dioxide is also inhaled every time we breathe in.

4. Inadvertently Draws You Closer


Mask affects the volume of speech when two people have a conversation. This can inadvertently draw you closer to another person thereby increasing the risk for a virus to be transferred or transmitted. 

5. A false sense of security.


Many amongst us think that using a mask gives us a Bat Man cowl but that isn't the case.  Wearing mask gives us a false send of security. There are high chances of you getting infected even if you are using an N95 mask. N95 can restrict virus of size 300 nm whereas coronavirus are of 65-125 nm. physical distancing, washing your hands are the only means to avoid getting infected until the vaccine arrives.

6. It can spread the virus if kept unwashed.


Face masks are supposed to prevent you from spreading or contracting germs all efforts will go in vain if they are kept unwashed. They must be washed depending upon the frequency of usage.

7. Not recommended for children under 2


Children under the age of 2 should not be covered with cloth or mask it is also not recommended for those who have breathing trouble or is unconscious or unable to move or remove the mask.

8. They can cause rashes


If you have a dry skin problem then it is advised to apply moisturizer before putting on mask or cloth cover.   

According to the CDC below are the things you should consider while using the mask.

1. It should be comfortable and snugly to fit on the sides of your face.

2. Secure with ear loops and ties.

3. Consider including multiple layers of fabrics.

4. Should allow proper breathing without restrictions.

5. It should not get damaged or altered when machine washed or dried.

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