8 Things we don't do anymore

8 Things we dont do anymore

I am sure the title Things we dont do anymore must have made your wonder, still thinking! because you hardly remember one such things you used to do.

When was the last time you have licked a postal stamp? you might not even remember how it tastes. Same is the case with every one today. There is a huge list of things we dont do anymore but we will be covering quite a few here.

1. Playing with friends

Not more than 15 years ago the most favorite pass time for people was to sit together in a public garden and chat. It was not PUBG what brought four friends together but carom. I still remember it playing with my cousins and friends till late night now everything has gone digital we still play but online.

2. Memorizing Phone Number

Answer a quick question How many phone numbers you remember today? I am sure not more than a couple of them. Back in the day when we had landline phone we used to memorize all the phone numbers. Numbers are math memorizing numbers made us sharp. The more numbers you remember the smarter you are. It also developed a habit of carrying a pen and a pocket diary to make a quick note.

3. Phone Diary

Do you remember that big fat book called Yellow Pages? Sure you do if you are from 80s or 90s. Whatever we may need whether it be a plumber,mechanic,electrician, mason for everything we have to keep turning pages which were arranged alphabetically.

4. Using an annoying alarm clock

Being a mischievous kid it was quite difficult for me to wake us early for school we had a big steel alarm clock that would wake not just us but our neighbors as well. We used to play with its pin not to check but to destroy its mechanism.

5. Photo Albums

Before digitization you could see photographers sitting inside dark room for hours develop the photos they had clicked. We had to wait for days just to see that one picture of ours that too all at the mercy of the photographer but, that was quite exiting too. Today with the aid of DSLR and smart phones photos can be made available instantly that have the capability to save thousand of them in a single plastic chip.

6. Cassettes and Tapes

Digitization has indeed revolutionized the music world our favorite music is just a click away without the hassle to saving them in our memory card but that was not the case in the 90s back then I as a kid had to wait for days for my favorite music cassette to be available at stores . I used to wonder how music companies squeeze the music and voices of people into that small plastic with two plastic film rolled together

7. Cut out from News Paper

News Paper sure was a must at every home in those days especially for those fresh graduates who were hungry to pound onto the Job Page. I still remember my elder brother reading newspapers for hours and cutting out bunch from sections of Job opening.

8. Sending Letter through post.

Internet and email in 90s were limited to quite few. With expensive phone calls the only cheapest way of communicating and keeping in touch with distant relatives was letter. Our elders would call us and make us write on a piece of paper in brief the messages they had to convey. It still feels wonderful if I happen to receive any such letters.

Technology has made our lives easier but have taken away the closeness between our friends and family. Gone are the days that made people live and enjoy being social. Today people tend to accept things whatever they see on their timeline. People are considering the www as there whole world The world renowned scientist Einstein once said,I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have generation of idiots.      

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