Adrenochrome In Bollywood Effects and Child trafficing

Adrenochrome - Existance in Bollywood, Effects and Child Trafficing.

Ever wondered how indifferently our mind begins to behave upon hearing the word “conspiracy”? We become all ears and despite the lack of evidence, we believe them! The mention of Adrenochrome perfectly challenged our dull minds amidst the lockdown and brought us to a mystical pleasure. While plenty of conspiracy theories regarding the use of Adrenochrome lingered around Hollywood for years, now Bollywood is evidently sailing on the same boat. The existence of such mystical elements often remains a question mark, does it exist or does it not?

What is Adrenochrome in science?

Adrenochrome  is a chemical compound produced by the oxidation of adrenaline. As per studies conducted in the 1950s and 1960s by researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond, adrenochrome caused mental illness. They even found the use of adrenaline in treating schizophrenia and other mental disorders. However, later in 1973 methodological flaws were found in Hoffer’s work. Besides that, adrenochrome is not even an approved drug product by the FDA.

Effects of Adrenochrome-

What is adrenochrome otherwise (based on conspiracies)?

“It cannot be taken from a corpse”, recall the dialogue? Apparently the protagonists of the movie A Clockwork Orange were referring to Adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome found its existence in movies as well as in books. Aldous Huxley mentioned the discovery & effects of Adrenochrome in the book The Doors of Perception. We all remember Moloko drink from the movie A Clockwork Orange and its relation to the drug whereas the current myths revolving around Adrenochrome are believed to have originated after the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

It has been claimed that many Hollywood celebrities consume the drug to stay young and now even the Bollywood stars have come under the spotlight. Precisely what they always wished for! One might find various youtube videos or articles hinting at the wonders of the drug in reducing ageing. The drug is produced inside a human body after they are tortured, specifically in the Adrenaline glands as well as in the Neurons inside the brain. The drug could be consumed via drinking human blood. But a dead body is no good. Sounds gross? Keep reading for more!

Existence of Adrenochrome in Bollywood-

Any idea what is trending? Well, the recent revelations surrounding Sushant Singh’s death are flooding the internet. Last week, an advocate VibhorAnand tweeted and shared the names of prime suspects of Sushant’s alleged murder. Don’t worry about looking him up on twitter since Vibhor’s account was suspended by Twitter immediately. Besides that, he happened to mention the names of Adrenochrome users in Bollywood. Strangely, the hot topic has gained an audience and appears to be linked with the drug that was given to Sushant.

When the late Rishi Kapoor tweeted amidst the lockdown, the post was frowned upon by many. It had a picture of a man with strangely large ears that said:“5 days at home listening to his wife”. He was called a sexist and misogynist. There were other remarks on his tweet that claimed Bollywood has run out of Adrenochrome supply and such tweets are no more than withdrawal effects. A similar trend has been observed in Hollywood where celebrities’ are called out for their swollen eyes and considered battling with the withdrawal effects of lack of Adrenochrome usage.

Is there any evidence? Not really!

There are just Youtube videos and articles surrounding such speculations over the possible usage of Adrenochrome in Bollywood for the sole purpose of staying young and leading a long healthy life.

Earlier in the year 2012, Varun Dhawan starred in a short film based on Adrenochrome. One of the characters can be seen glorifying the compound as an ecstatic drug, a drug that is injected and its effects are beyond one’s imagination. Varun gets intrigued at the mention of such an outstanding drug and wonders about the availability. Later in the movie, a few scenes focus at the extraction of drugs through child abuse.

How is Adrenochrome related to Child trafficking?

Trends show that a sudden spike has been observed regarding Adrenochrome’s search on Google in March. Apparently, this has been a topic of amusement for conspiracy communities like QAnon and Pizzagate who happened to spread rumors around the chemical compound with #Savethechildren.

They have accused social media & government of hiding the truth of child torture to obtain Adrenochrome which is then injected into the bodies of high elites of society for their hidden cause. Some of the posts even suggested a secret link between child trafficking and conspiracy theorists favorites Hilary Clinton &ChrissyTeigen.

Some of the Youtube videos are now linking Bollywood to child trafficking saying children are captured and then tortured for days. Once they are scared enough, the chemical compound is produced in their blood or adrenaline gland. Post which of course the compound is extracted from their bodies and provided to the ones who want to be benefited from the alleged properties of anti-aging that Adrenochrome contains.

As it appears these kinds of revelations have no supporting evidence and the audience has become a part of a vicious cycle. A random site throws a rumor at us and we are here waiting eagerly to not let it pass.The topic is gaining popularity and while no one really knows anything, everybody is open to speculations and sharing on social media.

Final Thoughts:

Remarks on the pictures shared by celebrities confirm the despair pandemic has brought and hence many of us are left without a purpose. The pandemic has left us in stress & anxiety and such conspiracies are merely the food for our brain. While the existence of Adrenochrome is unquestionable, just the way it is being linked to high elite groups in the society and child trafficking is getting everyone warmed up. 

In the end, it rests upon each individual whether to believe in such outrageous claims or not. The torture and abuse of children exists in the society where they are being used as objects however no concrete evidence points at the extortion of children in order to produce Adrenochrome.

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