Australian Firefighter And A Koala Watching A Devastating Forest Fire

This Picture Of A Firefighter And A Koala Watching A Devastating Forest Fire Is Breaking The Internet

The pictures showing a Firefighter and a Koala watching together their forest burn is going viral on Twitter today. The picture was taken by South Australian based Eden Hills Country Service which drew attending towards the bushfire which can be seen raging outside every major city in Australia.

Because of global warming  Australian forest are catching fire easily, said Lesley Hughes along with the environmental group climate Council Australia to Times.

"When you have very hot, dry, windy conditions, if all of those things come together, a fire can get quickly out of control. As the climate is warming up, we’re getting more and more extreme hot days and currently, of course, Australia is in the grip of probably unprecedented heatwave conditions almost right across the continent." Lesley Huges

 Lesley Hughes

Nearly the 10000 people's lives and homes are at risk with Fire Fighters' life on the frontline the situation should be addressed immediately.

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