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Benefits of Alkaline Water Facts Check

Benefits of Alkaline Water Facts Check

Benefits of Alkaline Water: Many a times you might have heard from your friends claiming the various health benefits of drinking  alkaline water.  Some say that it helps in lowering the body pH levels and claim it to have lowering cancer like chronic diseases. But what is alkaline water? and what are its in this article we have tried to answer them in a very simple understandable language.


Alkaline or Kangen water is nothing but simple drinking water with a little higher pH value than normal water. Normal water has a pH of 7 where as alkaline water has pH number 8 to 9. It is said that drinking alkaline water helps to neutralize our body's acid level.

But it's not just the pH level that makes water alkaline but other two factors like minerals and (ORP) i.e oxidation reduction potential. The ability of the water to act as pro or antioxidant is known as ORP. More the negative value of ORP the more its anti oxidizing property is.

So know let's find out the difference.   

A combination of 2 light hydrogen atoms attached to 16 fold heavier water atom is called H2o and that is why you call it H2O. Any liquid with pH lower than 7 is called acidic and above 7 i.e called alkaline plain tap water has a pH 7 that means it's neutral.

Natural water becomes alkaline when it passes through springs picking up minerals. People who buy packaged alkaline water for drinking are made using a chemical process known as electrolysis. 

The Health Claims.

Many health enthusiast believe that our body's hydration level can be increased by increasing the level of hydrogen especially post work out.

They are of an opinion that regular water which has a pH level of 7 increases the acid level of our body. They also claim it do more damage than good to the body and is the reason for all sort of health problems.

Backers believe that alkaline water has can starve cancer producing cell and also  reduces the following.

1.Acid in blood stream.

2.Increases energy.

3.Reduces bone loss.

4.Slows down aging.

5.Improves metabolism.

6.Improves digestions.

Where can you fit alkaline water?

Alkaline water is available at many  grocery stores. On Amazon you have a choice of having a alkaline water purifier for home which you may install and make your own alkaline water.

Now the question arises that Is it safe to drink alkaline water?

Health professionals don't really recommend to drink alkaline water here safety is no issue but the claims alkaline water advocates make is.

Doctor's consider normal tap water which has pH level 7 to be safe because it has all the minerals our body requires. Alkaline water you get is chemically produced it lack important minerals which our body requires to maintain a good health and this is why medicals professional reject marketing claim.

The benefits of alkaline water still remains a subject of research but for now you much continue drinking normal water. One thing you must take a note of is that too much ph water will make your deprived of important minerals. Being chemically produced you may be exposed to some contamination as well.

You may also get yourself a RO water purifier to have clean and healthy water for drinking. But do consider reusing the reject water by RO as it tends to waste nearly 70% of the tap water.

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