Can you rebuild trust once being cheated upon?

Can you rebuild trust once being cheated upon?

Knowing that you have been cheated on is the worst feeling ever. For some people, the pain of getting cheated is more than the death of any family member. It may sound extreme but it is hard to expect from the one whom you have so much faith upon after all you have invested your time, energy almost your everything into building that relationship.


Cheating means the end of any relationship. It is being observed that most people cheat because they are not happy in the relation are into or the way it's going. As a result, they leave you behind and just move on with it. It's pretty rare to see somebody cheating on you and still wants to hang out with the same relation. They realize they have made a mistake but still love you and want to makes things correct or better.

but the question is Can you rebuild trust once being cheated upon?

1. It depends upon how your relationship is.

Ironically some relations might go back to normal but most can't. For married couples, this is less likely to happen. You pick up any random divorce cases cheating would be the major reason for separation. When you are with someone for so many years the pain of being cheated upon is much higher but if you are in a fresh or new relationship chances are that you will put things in the past and give a second chance to your partner to sort things out for better future.

2.  It depends upon an individual.

A lot depends on the person who has been caught cheating. If they prove to you that they truly love you and made a huge mistake cheating and leave the other person then trust can be rebuild. They can be more honest and open in the relationship. There can a point where the trust between you and them would be much stronger and better than it was ever before.

On the contrary, if they refuse to stop talking to the other person it will be hard to rebuild trust.

3. It depends on you.

Finally, the ball is in your court how you handle the situation well. Are you really willing to give them a second chance? If you are kind of a person who is sensitive or paranoid with a relationship than you'll probably never give them a second chance. If you if have listened to their reasoning and genuinely feel that you got a second chance then you would be more willing to trust them again.

It's indeed a very delicate situation and it also depends upon person to person or relationship to relationship. If your partner stays keep and show equal interest in you and work hard to gain your trust then you may hope for things to get better or even stronger. Equally, if you realize the loss of trust that sadly it could be the worst of it that is the end of a relationship.

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