Cannon Hinnant: "I want the death penalty" says Cannon's Mother

Cannon Hinnant: "I want the death penalty" says Cannon's Mother 

Cannon Hinnant: "I want the death penalty" says Cannon's mother about the suspect accused of brutally murdering the 5 year old .

Bonny Waddell mother of the deceased Cannon Hinnant cannot understand why her 5 year old son was shot in the head while he was just riding bicycle but is hopeful that the accused suspect will be prosecuted by the law.

Waddell said," I want death penalty and I am gonna seek it".

On August 9 the accused 25 year old and a long time neighbor Darius Nathaniel Sessoms is suspected to walked towards the 5 year old Cannon and shot him in the head he while playing outside. Last Monday the Police have arrested Sessoms with a charge of first degree murder and is under custody without bond. However, Police have not released the motive of the murder so far.

“My baby didn’t deserve this, we lost a big piece of our family. We all. He changed all of our lives. He touched everybody that he knew.” Waddell said.

Cannon's funeral was on Thursday. Around 100 cars were spotted parked near the funeral house at North Carolina Funeral Home to support and honor the family. A vigil was postponed as the family said they need some time to mourn.

A GoFundMe account have raised more than $7,15,000 for the mourning family. 

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