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Canon 1500D Specification and Opinion

Canon 1500D Specification and Opinion

DSLR are for those enthusiast who are looking to get something more than your simple mobile camera. So here is what all about the Canon 1500D that will suit the budget of every beginner. 


What is a DSLR?


Before you jump on to the option it is crucial for your to understand what is DSLR? A Digital Signal Single Lenses Camera that combines both the mechanism and optics of a single lense camera with a digital imaging sensor. This reflex design system is key primary thing that differentiates a DSLR with a digital camera.  In this reflex system light entering the lense travels through the mirror which alternates the image to a prism which shows the image into the view finder. Ref above fig.

Now let's talk about the camera for which we have brought you here.

Canon 1500D

Launched in 2018 Canon 1500D also known as T7 Rebel is a great option for entry level photograph. Below are the specification the company is offering.




EOS 1500D




DSLR Camera

SLR variant

Single Kit with 18-55 IS II kit  lens, 16GB expandable class 10 memory card & carry case

Effective Pixels

24.5 MP high resolution for large pints and image cropping


APS C-MOS Size 22.3 x 14.9

ISO Range

100 - 6400

Autofocus points


Maximum fps


Video Resolution

FHD ( Full HD) 1920 x 1080  @ 30 fps and with fully manual control and selectable frame rate


Lithium Ion with charger

Image format

JPEG Raw 14 bit

Display Size

3 inches TFT LCD display with 920k dots resolution

Shutter speed

1/4000 sec

Optical Zoom


Country of Origin


Wifi and NFC



 On Amazon


1.Great entry level camera within tight budget

2.Light weight and easy grip.

3.Gives reasonably sharp photos.

4.Better option than Canon 1300D

5.Good battery life.

6.Sturdy design.

7.High resolution sensor


1.It is known as Rebel T7 but still T7i is better.

2.No touch or swivel support for the screen.

3.Give noisy image with higher ISO but this is a common factor in almost every camera.

4.Loss of detailing with higher ISO.

5.Focus is decent not to fast but pretty decent in this budget.

6.Crippled burst mode.

7.Average Performance.

It's a decent entry level camera if your are very tight on your budget but should consider upgrading once you start learning the skills. 

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