Deepika Padukone Introduces Mental Health Guide On Instagram

Deepika Padukone Introduces Mental Health Guide On Instagram To Help People Deal

With "Anxiety and Stress"

Deepika Padukone Introduces Mental Health Guide on Instagram to help people deal with "Anxiety and Stress"


Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone in collaboration with Instagram launches "Mental Health Guide" to help people deal with "Anxiety and Stress" during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiation is taken as a part of the ongoing Global Mental Health Awareness Month. Using her official Instagram account Deepika talks about the tips about nurturing mental health amid this pandemic.

Sharing the tips in the wellness guide she wrote“Caring for our mental health and seeking support when we are feeling overwhelmed has always been important. These aspects have become even more critical at a time when the pandemic has affected millions, globally,”

From her personal experience from the things she had been doing to keep her wellness she mentioned few handy tips which include “do what you love”, “daily routines for mental health and wellness during Covid-19”, “Build a support system”, “hone a skill”, and "Meditate"

Talking about the initiative the Padmavat actress writes," “I am sure we all agree that the past several weeks have not only been exceptionally unusual but also very difficult; uncertainty about the future, loss of livelihoods, and the inability to be around family and loved ones are just a few of the challenges facing us,” 

“And situations such as these, often lead to or aggravate the mental illness. I look forward to sharing with all of you some of the things I’ve been doing over the past several weeks to nurture my mental health, and I hope you find them useful too.” Deepika added.

As a part of this global concept, the internet giant is collaborating with celebrities, social media influencers, and organizations to create long-form content to help people and communities stay motivated and inspired through this difficult time.  

Unlike IGTV this new feature called Guides will be available on individual/accounts profile. Users can also cross share just like stories or may view as content in the wellness part of the Explore section.

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