Detention Center Construction Is Under Way Near Guwahati

Detention Center Construction Is Under Way Near Guwahati

The construction of the Detention Center is on the verge of getting completed.

Located at Goalpara in Assam, the construction of the Detention Center is almost on the verge of getting completed. With a budget of Rs.46.41 crore, the center shall have the capacity to hold 3000 illegal immigrants here.   

Addressing the nation P.M Modi denied of having any detention camps built to which India TV send it's to confirm the ground reality and found it the statements false. One such biggest camps were being constructed at Matia in Assam's Goalpara which according to the channel is already on the verge of completion.

The Camp stretches at 28,800 sq.ft at Matia 129 km away from Goalpada in Assam. According to the contractors and workers, the camp will be operational in another two months with a holding capacity of around 3000 illegal immigrants. In 2015 the Home Ministry has sanctioned the budget of Rs.46.41 crore for construction of such compound.

"Almost 70 percent of the work has been completed. It will be built at a cost of around Rs 46 crore, with a capacity to hold 3,000 detained that people who were declared as immigrants. All facilities like schools, community hall, electricity, etc will be available here. The deadline for completion of work here is scheduled on December 31, 2019, but this might extend to a couple of more months,"  said a construction worker to India TV reporter.

Assam at the moment as six such camps running. Currently, they are from the Jail premises in Silchar, Dibrugarh, Tezpur, Goalpara and Kokrajhar districts. In 2009 the Congress government had made such a decision to use jail as makeshift camps so no illegal immigrant goes missing. 

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