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Google Wifi Services Goes Paid at Selected Station

Google Wifi Services Goes Paid at Selected Station

Google Wifi Services to go paid at selected Railway Station.

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Its been two years now Google has started offering its high-speed internet services at the selected railway station in India but not anymore. Google has decided to charge for its high-speed to users at Google Station Programme.

In January 2016 Google had started this programme at Mumbai Central and officially collaborating with RailTel a state-owned Telecom service provider. Initially, the programme is limited to 53 Railway stations in India during 2016 and aims to reach 400 stations this year.

According to Gadget 360, News Google had monetized its initial model. Since last year Google was preparing to monetize its programme to various ads network and the latest moves show just that.

A Reditt user has spotted at various railway station in Mumbai that Google Station programme now charges Rs.19/-  for high-speed internet which is valid for 24 hours.

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As per the above image, we can see Google do offer premium services in this segment for which the user has to pay Rs.149 on weekly basis for high-speed internet available at selected railway stations. However, should you compromise on speed than you have the default option wherein the usage is available at low speed and limited to 30 minutes.

In an interview with Gadget 360 Google spokesperson confirmed about its development,We are currently testing a paid offer, although there will always be a free option (with Ads). From the beginning, we have said that the long-term goal for the RailTel service was to make it self-sustainable, and a paid model is an important part of that, he said. 

Google Wifi Services Goes Paid

This Pilot project was started at Mumbai Central by RailTel as RailWire initiative to provide free WiFi services to its users. With Googles expansion for its initial programme in a tie-up with RailTel launched Google Programme with an aim to deliver high-speed internet service limited to selected Railway stations in India. A Large number of passengers were attracted to its free model.

As per Googles Next Billion Users Vice President Ceaser Sengupta last month in 2017 users to this services as crossed over 7.5 million in India through Google Station.

Currently, Google Station proves Internet access across India over 227 stations, 22 gone live last month. With this Google has managed to hit the target of 400 which they had indicated earlier. Google also has plans to expand its services and go beyond Railway station. It is planning to start its services to various educational institutions and universities for providing high-speed internet services.

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