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How To Use Google Meet, Free

How To Use Google Meet, Free

Google has released the free version of Google Meet which is a simple, more secure, and increased time limit than before.


Are you looking for an alternate for Zoom meeting which little simple, more secure, and has an increased time limit than you might be the perfect candidate for Google meet. It allows you to chat with anyone you might like who already have a Google account.

To use Google Meet you must little basics like setting up an account, joining a meeting, firing up your camera, and getting ready for video chat. 

Difference Between Google Meet and Zoom

Zoom: It is the fastest growing online and downloaded a video conferencing program. For some reason, Zoom provides good video and audio quality. It is really easy to use even with a mobile or a laptop webcam. You can use Chrome and outlook plug-in to launch the program and invite people for video conferencing without having the trouble to put the web address.

It works with every platform Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac. All smartphone holders can attend the Zoom meeting even as a participant or an organizer. Also, there are other features like sharing slides, creating breakout rooms, etc that Zoom provides.  It also allows you to record a Full HD video of your meeting in MP4 format.

With no trial period, the free version of Zoom allows you to have a  40 minutes time limit for 100 participants. 

Google Meet: Being a Google product does not require any special plug-in. It can be directly accessed with Chrome and other modern browsers. Security is the key feature of Google Meet over Zoom with 2-step verification option it adheres to IETF security standards for Data Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and Secured Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP). 

Google mimicked the Zoom interface and now allows up to 16 participants.  Unlike Zoom Google Meet doesn't all screen recording of your meeting for free version this could be a downside for users.

With Google meet you can have a 60-minute long meeting with 100 participants. So you get an extra 20 minutes compared to Zoom and this could be beneficial for webinars and tutors which usually require time.

How To Get Started.

To enjoy the full spectrum of Google Meet we recommend using it on the web browser and in order to do it you just need to log in to and if you are using it over smartphone and iOS than you can download the app from the play store.

Regardless of how you use this platform, your two main agenda is going to either star the new meeting or join the meeting.

How To Start or Join a Meeting

For Web Browsers:  If you are using Google Meet with Chrome or any other browser you just need to head toward you will land on a home page on the top right corner you will need to sign in to your Google account again you will be given two options.

For iOS and Android users simply download the app.

  • Join a Meeting
  • Start a Meeting

A) Join a Meeting: In order to join a meeting, you will be provided a link by the organizer you simply need to click on it enter the meeting code provided by the host you may also enter the meeting using a dial-in-number and PIN in the invite.

B) Start a Meeting: To Start the meeting go to Google Meet click on start meeting. Click on New Meeting you will have two options

Get a meeting link to share:  This will create a meeting link that you can share with your team or colleagues. You may also copy and paste the link into the web browser and ask to join participants to enter the meeting.

Start a meeting instantly: This will create room for instant meetings.

Schedule a meeting: You can also schedule a meeting this will take to Google calendar where you can select the day and time. On selection, a small dialogue will open which you allow you to have an option of Add Google Meeting Video Conferencing and on the day you may have your meeting.

The free version of Google Meet is available till September go for it and try your hands on it for an easier, simpler, more secure increased time frame for your meetings.

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