Infectious Mutation In COVID-19 Could Be A Good Thing

An Infectious Mutation In COVID-19 Could Be A Good Thing, Says Disease Expert.

A recently detected mutation in COVID-19 which is commonly seen in Europe was also seen in Malaysia which is more infectious but less deadly, according to an expert infectious disease doctor.


Senior Consultant at National University of Singapore and President-elect- of the U.S based International Society Of Disease Control Paul Tambyah said that the D614G mutation was also found in Singapore.

Tambyah said that there is evidence in the growth of mutation of COVID-19 in Europe coincided with a drop in death rate indicating it as less lethal.

He added that the mutation in the virus will have no impact over the efficiency of potential vaccines despite the warning to the contrary by other health experts.

Talking to the Reuters Tambyah said," Maybe that’s a good thing to have a virus that is more infectious but less deadly."

Most virus tend to get lethal as they mutate said Tambyah.

He said "It is in the virus’ interest to infect more people but not to kill them because a virus depends on the host for food and for shelter,"

The mutation in the virus was first observed in early February that had circulated in Europe and America said The World Health Organization. However that there is no evidence that the mutated virus has become more deadly they added.

Noor Hisham Abdulla Director General Of Health, Malaysia has urged for a greater public vigilance after finding the mutation of Virus I,e D614G by the authorities.

The detected mutation is 10 times more infectious and the developed vaccine could be as effective on it said, Noor Abdulla.

But according to Tambyah, many mutations don't change the viruses that the potential vaccine to be ineffective.

The mutant affects the binding of the spike protein and not necessarily the recognition of the protein by the immune system, which would be primed by a vaccine, he said  

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