Joe Rogan Reveals Surprising Results Of His New Carnivore Diet Plan

Joe Rogan Reveals Surprising Results Of His New Carnivore Diet Plan

Popular UFC commentator and Podcast host Joe Rogan has revealed some surprising changes after switching over to carnivore diet at the start of 2020.


The diet have become increasingly popular ever since it's success stories were shared in public by Dr.Jordan B. Peterson a popular psychologist and his daughter Mikhaila , who have inspired Rogan to give it try after having appeared on the show.

Initially Rogan had claimed of experiencing some gruesome side effects after switching to his new diet however later a months came out with some surprising news with his fans.

On Jan 31st the UFC commentator released his latest updates which surprised his fans.

He said,  “So I did the carnivore diet for all of January. I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy, my energy levels were completely flat the whole month, no ups and downs from crashing after eating.”


“I had a belly and a lot of people made fun of me and fat-shamed me,” he expressed, before taking his shirt off to reveal his progress, ”I lost all my fat, I lost all of the belly, I lost my love handles.”


Although he seems to be happy with his new diet but was unsure of how long he was going to stick to it, “I don’t know if I'm going to keep eating like this but it was tremendously beneficial.”

Rogan also explained of having an autoimmune disorder which was affected by his new diet, “I also have an autoimmune disorder, its called vitiligo, and my vitiligo improved, I had a bunch of white spots fill in.”


"I went into it thinking that this carnivore diet was wacky and I probably would think it's nonsense but this is as good as I’ve felt in a long time,"


He also stated that the initial gruesome side effects where temporary and his body quickly adopted with the new diet in just two months.

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