Joel Taylor : Discovery Channel Popular Show Storm Chaser dies at 38

Joel Taylor : Discovery Channel Popular Show Storm Chaser dies at 38

Discovery Channel popular show Storm Chaser host Joel Chaser dies at 38,confirms friends. Joel had started the series with Discovery the show was started on 17th October 2007.

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Joel’s partner to the show Reed Timmer made this announcement on his Twitter handle late Tuesday. Reasons are unknown to what caused to his death were not immediately available.

Grew up in Oklahoma famous for nation’s iconic tornado alley Taylor studied meteorology at university of Oklahoma .  Taylor join the cast of the show Strom Chasersin 2008.

Timmer tweeted,” RIP my friend and storm chaser partner Joel Taylor, I am shocked and absolutely devasted by the loss of my incredible, caring  friend. We chased so many intense storms, and I wish we could have just one more storm chase. I’ll miss you forever, Joel. We lost a legend.”

People paid homage to Taylor which includes members from his team and Elk City-based Team western OK chasers calling him an inspiration.

The post read,” Our community of Elk city and the Storm Chasing community lost a great guy today,he was one of the most level headed chasers on the road and truly a classy guy outside of chasing. He didn’t chase for the glory he chased because he had a true passion for the storms.”

“The medical professional are trying to determine the case, it will most likely  be quite a while before the medical professional have those answers.”

With this post Taylor’s death cause still remains a mystery.

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