Kolkata Couples Travels For Tiger Awareness

This Kolkata Couple traveled 36,000 km for Tiger Awareness.

Covering 50 Tiger reserve Kolkata based couple travel 36,0000 km across the country for spreading awareness on Tiger conservation.

Gitangjali Dasgupta and Rathin Das Gupta a resident of Salt Lake, Kolkata traveled Bandipur,Nagarjuanasagar,Dudhowa,Pilibhit,Ranthambore and Kaziranga Tiger reserves. They even participated in a 643 campaign conducted by a school near the tiger reserve in order to sensitize the coming generation about the utmost need for ensuring humans and wild animals dont stray into either territory in search of food.

Rathin Said, We talked to villagers and they said some tourists flaunt basic guidelines by entering into forest zones playing loud music. We told them to coordinate with forest personnel to prevent such incidents. 

Exploring nature the couple was backed by two NGOs The Asian Wildlife Photographer club from the UK and South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE) during their expedition. Rathin highlighted of few Tiger reserves working well but troubled by few tourists who do not follow instructions by the reserve. Bandipur in Karnataka and Melghat in Maharashtra are doing a good job. They have been able to increase the green cover in the core area over the last five years, he added.

Due to climate change, a large number of wild animals have left their habitats in search of food one such case of a bear wandering hundreds of kilometers looking for food was encountered in Russia. Many Tigers have been tagged as man-eaters during natural encounters.

During this expedition, Rathin found that a large group of villagers are aware of the need for Tiger conservation.

We will be again hitting the road in January and plan to visit several countries having tiger population. I think there is a need to raise awareness about tiger preservation in every country. Rathin Said.


Among others, the couple even aims to travel through Bhutan, Russia, Nepal,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Indonesia,Vietnam and  China which are tiger inhabitant zones.

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