Kushal Punjabi's Suicide Brings Mental Health To Fore.

Popular TV actor Kushal Punjabi's Suicide Brings Mental Health To Fore.

The sudden death of actor Kushal Punjabi leaves his friends in shock. Celebes like Mohena Singh, Kavita Kaushik, and Karan V Grover now empathize on reaching out to people in need of help.

Kushal Punjabi's suicide shocked his friend who woke up in the morning with this unfortunate news.  Kushal's body was hanging to ceiling at his residence in Mumbai on December 26. The police found a suicide note at his home where we did not blame anyone for his death. The 42 the year-old actor was suffering from clinical depression according to reports.

The news proved to be a shocker to his friends as Kushal Punjabi is well known as a full of life happy-go-lucky guy. Kushal's death led to a big concern of people work to entertain people but suffer from mental illness in their personal life and never open up in public about their issues. In the race to catch up with the face and hectic schedule stars never realize when depression, loneliness or mental illness creeps into their lives. 

Sadden with his death TV actress, Kavita Kaushik wrote about the importance of talking to your near and dear ones. Sharing a picture with him she wrote that mental health is of serious concern.

“Depression is not a CRIME.. we all are struggling with something or the other .. please talk. please don’t pretend to be happy when you are breaking inside, fuck the bloody the pressure of showing the world that EVERYTHING IS OK! When it’s NOT !!, Kushal was a fighter .. he would be doing something new each time that we would connect, we were colleagues and not close friends but I know his family.. his parents and sister, they are simple and good people .. why did no one see this coming? Cos mental health is a fuckin serious issue and people hide what’s really troubling them, each one of us as at some point is bound to be in a dark space !! That’s life! Now this wonderful guy is gone and all we can do is mull over “why” and “why couldn’t “ but the fact is that there is so much judging, so much “have to be relevant”, “maintaining the perfect image “ pressures we take on us and expect from others !! Stop generalizing every damn thing .. pls be kind to each other, stay away from those who just gossip and bitch behind people’s backs and instead form a chain to protect and reach out .. Talk pls .. Kushal is gone and we can’t get him back but we can be therefor anyone who needs support .. I’m heartbroken but I’m there, anyone who wants to talk I’M HERE 🙏�� you have created a dent in our hearts and gone Kushal ... can’t imagine the pain of your family and close ones"

Actor Karan V Grover wrote, "Wish we could've sat like this and just spoke once my friend! Unbelievable Alone....Is the keyword..most awful one I say. Rest in Peace brother." 

Kushal Punjabi's choreographer on Jhhalak Dikhhla Jaa Mohena Kumar Singh wrote asking to reach out to the people in need, "All of us who knew him...Failed Him. Please reach out to those who need help. In this selfish world..lookout for those smiles that are sad inside. Instead of finding faults in them and shunning them away. They probably need support or just words that might soothe some pain. All of us have had these thoughts sometimes...and believe me it's hell on earth, a few of us have gone to the edge and come back. I wish I knew better when I knew Kushal. Rest in Peace."

Actor Karan Patel who was with his death news wrote, "Guess it's true when they say, ' the happiest faces hide the most saddened hearts'. Seeing your spirit and zest for the list, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that you will big your final goodbye to life in a way that will send a chill down our spines every time we think of you".

Talking to IANS Samir Parikh said," Most People even today have a lot of stigmas. They go through a lot of discrimination in their heads...A lot of people are not able to come out and speak up because of various hesitation. One of the reasons is the age-old stereotyping around mental illness which still exists. It is better but it exists, then accessibility is n issue."

"One only puts up posts about good things happening in our lives. There is a real self and portrayed self. No one will know that you are struggling and mental illness by looking at the social media feed." Parikh added further.

Their wall which still needs to be broken,"We have not been able to create an environment that makes people feel comfortable to talk about it. We say ke 'usne baat nahi kari', but don't realise that 'kya humse usko yeh feel karaya ke woh mental illness pe baat kar sakta hai bina kissi stigma ke," noted Parikh.

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