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Nootkatone Mosquito Repellent New Bugs Spay Ingredient

Nootkatone The New Bugs Spray Ingredient - Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Nootkatone - found naturally in grapefruit this new spray ingredient could the first bug spray to actually smell good.


If buys are the one annoying thing for your during summer than here is some good news for you. Recently The Environment Protection Agency has approved Nootkatone a new ingredient for use in insects and insecticides repellents. 

Discovered by the CDC (Center of Disease Control & Prevention)  Nootkatone which is naturally found in very small quantities in grapefruit and Alaska Yellow Cedar Trees is one such ingredient that may repels and kills mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting bugs, also it can keep these pets away for several hours.

"Nootkatone kills pets in a unique and different way, which is very important for mosquito control operation." said David Brown  who has worked for 30 years as technical advisor for mosquito control to American Mosquito Control Association.   

In order to keep the population of adult mosquitoes Mosquito control agencies uses two classes of pesticides, organophosphates and pyrethroids.  Explaining further Brown says," This products disrupts the nervous system of the targeted insect, resulting in mortality."

" Nootkatone uses a different mode of action unrelated to   pyrethroids and organophosphates, which will help reduce insect resistance to the products containing these active ingredients."

It is currently unknown that how exactly Nootkatone repels insects and other biting bugs but researchers believe that the they defiantly don't like the taste or smell. Grapefruit has a characteristics smell and taste because of Nootkatone and it is also widely used by the perfume industry to make colons and perfumes.

Even though it is found quite effective to repel bugs and insects this Nootkatone buys will not be available any sooner than 2022 because quality and safety will be tested by the EPA.

But you don't have to wait for this, there are other naturally compounds like the grapefruit old and nootka oil are already  commercially available. The grapefruit oil has a citrusy smell and the nootka oil has cedar type smell. 

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