Over 60: 8 Mistakes You Must Stop Making Immediately.

Over 60: 8 Mistakes You Must Stop Making Immediately.

The Unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic has forced the entire world to live under lockdown leaving many complication and health issues unaddressed. It is said that people with health issue and elderly are at higher risk to COVID-2019. If you are 60 and should be doing the below mistakes then we advise you to read the below article one and think about it little bit.


Here are the 8 mistakes you must stop making immediately

1. Lying of Sofa and Not Exercising

It is often seen elderly curled up on sofa under the blanket that's not bad but in this Corona virus situation it's not the right thing to do if you are if you don't have any bad back. Our metabolism depletes every decade  by 5% this means as we age our body needs lesser calories and more exercise.  Get off the bed do little yoga or exercise and limit your daily calorie intake.    

2.  Be mindful about your weight.

Do  you know that our metabolism is directly proportional to our weight?  The more we put on weight the lesser our metabolism rate will be. Being overweight also leads to leads to other health complications. Try to eat clean and healthy stuff like veggies, salad and other low calorie food which are easy and faster to digest. Remember overweight and obese worsens COVID-2019 conditions.

3. Taking Care Of Your Heart

As we grow old our heart ages too. Nearly 20% of the premature death are reported every year in both men and women between the age of 65 and 74. Simply sitting up on a sofa will only worsen your situation if your are already suffering from it. According to the ( Centers of Diseases Control and Prevention) CDC people with diabetes and heart problems are at higher risk of COVID-2019.

4. Do Moderate Exercise

Due to this pandemic where the entire world population is living under lockdown it is practically not possible for you to go to the gym or a walk but, there are plenty of home workout which you can try. Thankfully there are many gurus which can teach you online based on your physical conditions.

5. Eating Red Meat

Before you go groan and skid reading this article let me tell you that the lump hanging around your middle is called abdominal fat. Let me tell you some medical science, now if you cut that over you'll find visceral fat. Visceral fat are nothing but  those active tissue which produces hormones that are associates with serious medical conditions. Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, demtia and cancer are some chronic inflammation associated with it. If you are obese and have heart issue stop punishing yourself any further.

6. Missed Your Flu Shot.

Its flu season in The USA every year 45% American adult take this shot but this year the percentage dropped by 6%. Every US citizen is recommended to take the Flu shot over the age of 6 months. Now you will say that Flu shot is not the vaccine to stop Coronavirus. Off course its not but, in this situation where the hospitals are overwhelmed you cannot afford to get sick don't you.

7. Not focusing on Immunity

The only thing our body needs whenever it get infected by any kind of virus is our Immunity. Immunity is our  body's defense mechanism that fights any foreign bodies and keep us safe from getting ill. During this pandemic you might have heard experts on television insisting people to build stronger immunity. Many asymptomatic patients have got over it under self quarantine without any special medication. It is only because they had very strong immunity.  So try to intake food that will boost your immunity. Fruits like Citrus fruit, Broccoli, Garlic, Spinach, Yogurt etc.

8. Have a Good Night Sleep

Having a good sleep does not mean to simply to stay in bed according to the National Sleep Association Adults needs at least 7-9 hours of proper sleep and if you are a active person and do yoga certainly you will have a better sleep at night without any medication. Remember poor sleep also affects your immunity so be mindful about it. 

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