Padmaavat Release : Protestors runs riot's movie won't be screened in 4 states.

Padmaavat Release : Protestors runs riots movie wont be screened in 4 states. Even after Supreme coutr released orders for Padmavaat Release Karni Sena led protestors wont let the movie to be released in 4 states. Image Source The Supreme court gave its decision in support of Sanjay leela Bhansalis most controverstional movie Padmaavat clearing its road for release. Despite this portestors have gone violent in many states across the country. States like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana and UP feels the major heat has fringe group remains defiant to the film. A violent mob blocked the Highway in Gurgoan Haryana and torched a bus. Police dispersed protestors in Lukhnow using its forces as they violated prohibitory orders. Members of Karni Sena allegdely vandalised two state roadways buses and also blocked road near Kalwar area in the city. Similar scores of agitation were noticed in Mumbai and Nashik. People in Ahmedabad vandalised vehicles parked outside the Mall reportedly as many as 30 bikes and scooters were set on fire. According to Hindustan Times report 50 protestors were arrested by Ahmedabad Police.  Considering the worrifying situation for the Multiplex The Multiplex Assiociation of India which has 75 memebers have decided not to screen Padmaavat in 4 major States which includes Goa, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.  In an interview with PTI president of the association Deepak Asher said,We have decided not to play the film in four states- Rajasthan, Gujarat, M.P and Goa as the local management has told us that the law and order situation is not conductive. In Madhya Pradesh nearly 200 protestors blocked NH-3 which links Mumbai and Agra. Police said At Kishanganj near Pigdambar crossing near Indore people broke glass bottles on road.  Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi called for Janta Curfew outside multiplexes were Padmaavat shall be screened. According to Kalvi Shiv Sena has supportive in protest of the film in Maharashtra.  Also Read: 10 Points to note from PM Benjamins Visit to Gujarat

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