Pakistani Women Hasina Ben Got Indian Citizenship

Amidst of the protest over CAA Government grants citizenship to Pakistani Muslim women.

Amidst of the protest over the CAA Government of India granted citizenship to Pakistani Muslim Women Hasina Ben.

Ever since the Government had passed the Citizenship Amendment Act protest have flooded across India against this bill. A misconception is run by opposition to create a fearsome environment amongst Indian Muslims over their citizenship but amidst the protest over the CAA Government of India granted citizenship to Pakistani Muslim Women Haseena Ben.

Two years ago Hasina Ben had returned to Indian and had applied for citizenship since then. The government has granted her citizenship over humanitarian grounds without too much documentation.

Basically hailing from Gujarat Hasina Ben had to migrate to Pakistan after her marriage with a Pakistani in 1999. Two years ago after the death of her husband, Ben returned to India and had applied for Indian citizenship which she was granted on 18 December 2019. Haseena Ben received the certificate of citizenship from the District collector of Dwarka Dr.Narendra Kumar.


The Protest.


Today India is witnessing a huge protest across the country against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Many riots have been reported so far, hundreds detained protestors along with policemen have been seriously injured. The opposition is using this a weapon and spreading a misconception amongst people especially Muslims raising concerns over their citizenship.


What Home Minister Amit Shah As To Say?


Answering to the protestors and opposition  Home Minister Amit Shah cleared that any Indian citizen irrespective to any cast or religion will not be questioned over CAA. CAA will not affect the citizenship of any Indian Muslim which the opposition trying to portray. Citizenship to any Pakistani shall be granted based on the rules drafted by the law.


CAA is for Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parsi, Buddhist  and Christain refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are prosecuted on religious grounds.


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