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PUBG Mobile Advice To The Players

PUBG Mobile Advice To The Players: Do Not Damage Vending Machine In Mad Miramar

PUBG Mobile advice to the Players: Do not damage the vending machine in Mad Miramar.


In an update PUBG mobile advises players not to damage the vending machines in Mad Miramar because doing so will attract enemies.

A couple of changes were made in the gameplay of PUBG Mobile the major changes come to Miramar which is now called Mad Miramar. The map has a new play area, with racing tracks for some racing fun. Developers have also provided a vending machine that gives energy drinks and pain killers to the players.  PUBG Mobile has now issued advice to the player about this.

Post update if you have played in Mad Miramax you might have seen new vending machines. the goodies from this machine might vary to different players. Your teammates might get a couple of energy drinks to painkillers while you end up with just one. In a heated battle having fallen short of this could frustrate you and might provoke you to attack the machine.

But PUBG Mobile devices you and your squad to avoid doing so. Upon attack the vending machine immediately releases alert. This lets your enemies know your location and you and your squad might end up increasing the number of kills of your enemies.

However you can use this strategy to set up a trap if you have a strategy. If you have gained enough kills you and your squad can destroy the vending machine which will raise alarm so all the enemies can pour in this will give you further opportunity to win the match.

Depending upon the skill set and locations the vending machines are located all over the map which the players can use.

Mad Miramax also has a Golden Mirado which is an open-top car. There is just one golden mirado on the map which you can flaunt spawning around. A new Blue - Zone feature has also been activated which keeps shifting to make the game more fun to play.

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