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PUBG Mobile Update: Things You Need To Know About

PUBG Mobile Update: Things You Need To Know About.

The much more anticipated PUBG Mobile update version 0.18.0 is here. Coming up with a ton of new features this update has some dramatic features to some of its pre-existing maps like Miramar.


According to Tencent games, the update will be available to India on 7th May 2020 with 2.21 GB for iPhone users and 1.97 GP for Android users however there is a little downside that players of different versions will be unable to send an invite to each other.

Mad Miramar.

Amongst all other maps, Miramar has been loaded with lots of interesting features. A sandstorm which occurs in any area of the map. The northern part of the map has an Oasis and the Urban Ruins is in the northwest now. Not just it more elements like new roads, houses, and resources have been added. Interestingly Miramar is the least played map on PUBG.

Miramar also has a new racetrack that runs throughout the entire map. A new Golden Mirado car has also been added.

In order to emphasize more the lobby of Miramar has been updated. The developer has also added new vending machines for the players to get energy drinks and painkillers. Few lucky players can now get as many as 8 drinks in a go.

What's more.

For other maps, all the guns now have a new attachment. Alongside other scopes, Canted sight is the new feature. It can be used as a close-range scope. Assault rifles, Snippers, Riffles, Shotguns, Light machine guns, and sub machines guns are all compatible with it.

Cheer Park: A new virtual space for friends to hang out in a virtual zone. It can accommodate as many as 20 players at a time. This basic training ground will give players a real-time experience for players to interact.   

New Result: A new detailed result has been added in which players will get all the details of all the guns they have used in the game. players will also be able to match and compare stats with other players with the same tire.

Royal Pass: Royal Pass of Season 13 will also get an update. Players can access it by 13th May 2020.

New Currency: Ace gold (AG) a new currency has been added to the game. In events all silver rewards will be replaced by AG. all older events will have the silver currency.

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