Robbers Shot Dead Security Guard at Fast Food Outlet

Robbers Shot Dead Security Guard at Fast Food Outlet

Robbers Shot dead a Security Guard this Saturday at newly opened Church’s Chicken outlet at O’Meara Plaza in Arima. Robbers attacked the victim out of rage as they were unable to open the cash register.

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Friends and Relative of the deceased described the incident as senseless and a wicked act.

Police Said two gunmen entered the fast food outlet demanding money. The cashier however locked the counter and ran back and locked himself in the bathroom. Realizing that they cannot have any cash they shot at the Security guard Karl Monticeux several times before leaving the scene.

Monticeux was 42 and lived at 42 of building 15 Maloney.

According to The report of T& T Guardian Karls cousin saw him alive till Saturday morning as he was leaving for work.

He Said,” “I saw him right before he went to work because I am a security guard also. He was a real decent person ...a churchman who used to go to work and come home,”

“He didn’t have any wife or children. He used to live with his father but his father passed away and it was him alone.”

Monticeux was a talented person and was well known for his paintings and drawing & paintings.

He was Very Nice fella who was not in any bacchanal with anybody said the neighbour lady

“He never used to interfere with anyone. If I coming up the stairs and I have any bags in my hands he would always help me ...not only me but anybody.

“We lost somebody really good because the entire building saying they didn’t have to kill him. What they kill him for? They vex because they didn’t get any money so they kill him. We real hurt about it and we are really sad,”She added.

Police are now working on certain lead and reviewing CCTV footage from the crime scene.

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