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The Future of Information Technology in India

The Future of Information Technology

Information Technology has been one of the most revolutionary technologiesfor the last few decades. There are a few trends and techniques which are believed to drive Information Technology in the coming years. Today we will discuss about a few of them.


Machine Learning:

It is the application of AI to help a system learn things and automatically improve from experience. It would help a computer to develop programs to access data and learn by themselves, using it. This will become an emerging trend in Information Technology.

Internet of Things

It is the concept of connecting things to the internet and also other devices. It is a huge network of different things that are connected along with people. They collect data about their way of usage and their environment and share the same. 


It is the technology behind bitcoins which is today being used as the backbone for various applications. It is needless to say that it will play a vital role in the future of Information Technology.

Artificial Intelligence

It is a technology using which machines are allowed to behave like humans. Good examples are the voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. With every passing day, AI is evolving more and will have more applications and develop indispensability in near future.

Social Platforms:

Every individual spends a major part of their day on social media. People wake up to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on their phones and checking these apps is the last thing they do before going to bed. Social Media Platforms are soon likely to become the first point of contact between the customers and the company and take the position of a website. So far, people have considered the website as the interface through which a business would get in touch with its customers or potential customers. To gather authentic information about a product or a service, people usually refer to its site now.But this is likely to change to the social media pages instead.               


Information Technology is evolving from a server-centric to service-centric world. There has been a shift from monolithic systems to fine-grained services that are reusable and distributed across the enterprise. It is expected to disjoin the business processes, applications, systems and architecture from one other.               

User Experience

We are approaching an era when our ultimate aim would be to satisfy the users by providing them with a superior experience. This will require a more layered approach. Application design is a multidisciplinary exercise. Though it is handled by mainly the business-owners and IT architects now, it would be more optimized in the future. Inefficiency will be reduced and simplicity will be emphasized.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been here for quite some time now and it is expected to change the future of information technology. It will help in increasing the storage capacity and storing huge volumes of data. There will be more data centers at an affordable price and it will prove to be beneficial for the business. 

Platform Architecture

In long term, viewing things through the application lens will stop. This technique will help in handling huge volumes of data and in reducing the complexities of data management. The concept of relational database will not fade away but will start paving the way for new databases, for example, streaming databases. 


Analytics is not just an extension of business intelligence. It can be used to deal with unstructured data and this is where the future of IT industry lies. Business leaders and IT people can work in close association with each other to leverage analytics effectively and thus help in evolution of Information Technology.

Data Privacy

Considering the government regulations and privacy policies of different organizations across the world, privacy measures related to data will be adopted at various spheres. To prevent breach of data, data processing and data control will be separated from each other. This upcoming trend in Information Technology will help in protecting personal data.

Data Security

We are also about to come across a data security architecture whose response will be proportional to threats. Data security will soon be replaced by automated capabilities of detecting, assessing and responding immediately.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the artificial, computer-based recreation or simulation of a situation while Augmented Reality is a technology layering the existing reality along with the computer-based enhancements. They are a type of inverse reflections of each other and have been widely used in entertainment and games. They have also entered the world of science and medicine and are about to bring far-reaching changes in the world of Information Technology in the near future.

With the usage of these trends and evolution of these technologies and development in the new spheres, the world of Information Technology will soon experience a transformation in the near future. 

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