The Witcher Becomes Netflix Highest Rated Original Show

Witcher Becomes Netflix Highest Rated Original Show

Among the new series on Netflix, new episodes of The Witcher has created insane popularity. It seems that the medieval period and the story itself has influenced to a great extent along with the British actor Henry Cavill. Not too long that the days have passed by after the release of the new series of Wither it stands as one of the high-rated originals as on IMDB. The original series is inspired by the book that carries the same name “The Witcher” written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. This series is not the first release inspired by the book, it was earlier seen in Polish TV 2002 and now it is on Netflix.

Eight episodes were debut in December 2019, worldwide and the magic of the Man of Steel, Geralt Of Rivia was on that has dropped and beaten the other shows in Netflix. Henry Cavil is playing the role of the Solitary Monster known as Geralt of Rivia. Henry Cavill was seen with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Fallout.

Before the release of the series, the trailer had provided a gist of the story, before its release of the eight series that already indicated about the monster in the medieval period but still, the suspense of the story was hidden till its release. The story was about three different parts of the large world. The story and scenes which describes the hard survival of the human beings, gnomes, witches and monster who battle to rule and survive in the continent. The best part of the story is no good and bad are justified, each of the individual creatures strives to survive. The story points at something different as the monster turns to be less wicked than the humans in the world.

Though the story has not gained many positive comments from the critics it has still hit the top rate list in Netflix. Unbelievable rating in spite of the 56 percent of the rotten score has been observed in the popular critic site the Rotten Tomatoes, it was based on 57 reviews of the critics. US top series till 24 December 2019 which shows its slaying just behind “Stranger Things",” Disney Plus' "Star Wars" series, and "The Mandalorian."

 "Lighthearted sense of humor," writes Mike Hale that indicates that the entire critic may not be negative. 

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who has created Witcher tweeted about his joyous feeling in which he mentioned about whom should he care? Bad rating provided by the critics or the viewers and their Netflix series views that have made the series the hit series of US. 

According to the Parrot Analytics that measures the demand expression of any series has also shown a positive signal. The measurement of the analytics states that it shows the reflection of engagement of the viewers, consistent or increases in the viewership and the desire altogether it indicated a fair weight of the series.

Till the end, the only thing matters is the importance of the series to the viewers who are watching the monsters in the continent and their struggle to survive in the odds. Though the reviews were not indicating any kind of positive verse to the series the increase in the viewership at each episode shows that the critics' reviews may not be a matter of concern. 

The main features that have made Witcher at the Top Series in the US, are:

Witcher is an epic story that has pulled the attraction of maximum viewers who will like to see the story of the medieval period. Secondly, it is the British actor who has starred as the monster, his appearances as the strong and alone in the Continent fighting battle was one of the reasons that the US viewers have made the streaming series at the Hit List of Netflix in just a few days. 

The Voice of the monster hunting in the movie has also instigated the audience to appreciate the scenes and sounds of the movies in the place called “Continent”.

There is magic, a world of fantasy that viewers can enjoy. The witchers, gnomes, elves, and dwarfs are surrounded by the basic magic performed and created by the Witchers. 

Together the entire direction and production of the epic story was a brilliant setup, the lightwork, action and acting altogether has created the new magic for the US audience in the Witcher’s Netflix Series. 

Let us know some facts about witchers...

Witchers are not human but a human who has been transformed by magic and science of the medieval period. It is one of the hardest survival forms of a monster that has changed from a normal human being.  The story of Witchers also includes the influence of magic and human including the witchers. The fantasy story of Poland is now hitting the top-rated US Series.

The first adaptation of the Witcher was in Video games that are now shown in the series, the video game and series both can be matched to a far extent. 

While you read about Witcher are you thinking about Games of Thrones?

Yes in many ways you will find the similarity between Games of Thrones and The Witcher. The continent has the kingdom and places with lots of monsters and magic similarly but once again Witcher has its spice in the movie that differentiates the series from Games of thrones. The series is mostly focussed on Geralt and Yennefer more than the story of Witcher. 

Watching the adventures at every series of the Geralt provides a new excitement to the viewers, and apart from Cavill, the other members are Freya Allan as Ciri, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson as Eist, Adam Levy as Mousesack, Joey Batey as Jaskier, Lars Mikkelsen as Stregobor, Wilson Radjou-Pujalte as Dara, and Anna Shaffer as Triss.

The Entertainment Weekly has given the series an “F” Grade and called the series a bore-fest. According to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, few fans have watched all the eight series in a day and few have rewatched the epic story.

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