Travelling Solo Here Are 10 Points You Should Consider

Travelling Solo Here Are 10 Tips You Should Consider

Travelling solo has become one of the most popular ways to travel amongst men and women alike in the 21st century. Travelling solo helps in so many ways, you cut down on costs of that plus-one, you experience things first hand without anyone telling you what to do and what not to, you can check out travel solo tours and you literally can explore and explore!

Now, if you want to be a solo traveller and explore the world, keeping these 10 tips in mind when travelling solo will come really handy. We got you covered!

1.  Do not trust strangers blindly

Just like life, during solo trips, we often come across various people. Most of them are strangers. It is okay if you want to make friends, but don’t trust everybody you come across, because it is an unknown place and trusting strangers and getting conned or scammed is the last thing you want to face. So it is advisable you stay safe and aware

2.  Plan out your budget

Planning out your expenses in advance goes a long way when going for solo trips. From calculating your accommodation costs and your food cost to extra expenses along the way, always know how much you are expected to spend on the trip. You should always take some extra cash so that you can use it in case of an emergency. The last thing you want to happen on your solo trip is you running out of cash. 

3.  Never get too intoxicated

Being drunk with a group of people you just met sounds fun and it probably is fun as long as you do not pass out and find yourself alone in the morning with a bad hangover. You can be the life of the party without drinking too much. The most important thing to keep in mind when going for a drink is your surrounding, be it the location of the bar or the people inside it. Avoid going to shabby bars in dilapidated locations and always take the rating of a place into consideration before visiting it.

4.  Do not carry heavy luggage

Overpacking can become a huge problem, especially when travelling alone. Heavy luggage can even prevent you from availing the various public transports as a lot of them do not allow travellers to carry a heavy load. Having light luggage cuts out on your travelling cost to a great extent. If you are travelling by air, there is a high chance that your airline might charge you extra depending on the weight of your luggage. 

5.  Stay in places with a good rating

When travelling alone, your safety should be your first priority. If you are a woman and you are thinking about how to travel solo as a woman, read on. Always book accommodation after looking at their ratings and user reviews. Avoid staying at places that are built around a notorious neighbourhood. If you are booking a room with a roommate, book them from reputed travel websites so that you get a roommate who has similar interests and tastes. This will prevent you from becoming lonely and you can, in turn, help you socialize with others. 

6.  Avoid places which are known to be potentially dangerous

No matter which country of the world you visit, some areas are specifically known to be a bit more dangerous than the others. When visiting a place, always research the areas which have a higher crime rate and avoid going to these places altogether. Even if hotels in these areas are cheaper, the value of your life is incomparable. 

7.  Learn a few local terms

As a traveller, nothing is better than greeting a local in their own language. Greeting them with a big smile on your face in their own language not only makes you come across as a friendly person but also makes you come across as a person who respects the tradition and values of the locals. It does not take much time to learn a few basic local words. 

8.  Use local transport

Availing the local transportation of a place saves you a lot of money and prevents a big hole from being created in your pocket. You can easily ask the locals about how to reach from one place to the other using buses, trams, metros, and trains. Along with that, the thrill of getting to go around an unfamiliar place in an unfamiliar bus or train is more adventurous.

9.  Try to socialize

Without socializing, your trip will become extremely boring pretty quickly. Go out there and make new friends. Meet new people and get to know their cultures and different traditions. Go to a restaurant you have not visited, and try out the local delicacy of the place. Go to a nearby park and talk to others who are hanging out there. Instead of staying all alone inside your room, go out there and explore the world.

10.  Trust your instinct and have faith in yourself

The most important thing that you should have as a solo traveller is having faith in your abilities and instinct. If your conscience is saying that you should not do something or should not go somewhere, listen to your conscience. The last thing you want to do is regret something you did that you did not want to do in the first place.

In conclusion, while it feels amazing and not-so-boring when you have a travel partner, travelling solo is just a one-of-a-kind feeling. If you have not travelled solo yet, you must be FOMO-ing(Fear of missing out). So pack your backpack now and get on your journey, just keep in mind these tips for travelling solo.

Writer: Sanyotoni Hazra. 

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