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What is 5G? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About.

What is 5G? Here Is Everything You Need To Know About.

After 1G,2G,3G and 4G network 5G is a new global wireless network. It is a new kind of network designed to connect anyone and anything virtually from devices, machines & objects.


5G data technology is mend to delivery higher GPS peak speed, reliability, massive network capacity, ultra-low latency, increased availability and to give uniform user experience to more users.

Users will experience improved performance and improved efficiency that will connect new industries.

It's Invention

Actually no company or no single person can claim its invention its a collaborative effort of several companies within the mobile ecosystem that has led to the development of 5G.  Amongst all Qualcomm is said to have played a major role into developing fundamentals that drive major companies towards next wireless standard 5G.

Difference Between 5G and Other networks.

. 1G Network: Developed in 1980 it delivered analog voice.

. 2G Network: Developed in early 1990 2G network worked on (CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access)

. 3G Network: Developed in early 2000 it brought data ie.( CDMA2000)

. 4G Network: Developed in 2010 4GLte or 4G ushered the mobile broadband era.

All the above early networks led to development of 5G which is mend to provide more connectivity than ever before to more users.

Designed to provide next generation user experience, deliver new services and empower new development models 5G is an unified and more capable interface.  

How is 5G better than 4G

Below are some reasons that makes 5G a better choice.

More capacity

Significantly faster data speed.

More capable and unified platform.

Slightly lower latency.

Better Spectrum.

When and How 5G will affect the global economy?

Ever since its launch 5G is seem to drive the global economy, so far it has give the world

$13.2 Trillion dollar of output.

$2.1 Trillion dollar of GDP.

$2.3 Million new jobs created.

However according to a study the full effect of 5G can be seen by the year 2035 potentially supporting a long range of industries and generating and economic output of $13.2 Trillion dollars.

Compared to the previous mobile network this is huge also the development requirements for 5G It is not just further expanding beyond the traditional mobile networking players but to other industries like automobiles as well.

The 5G value chain i.e( OEM, app developers, content creators and consumers) alone could support as many as 22.3 million jobs reveals the study. There are many new applications that will still be defined in the near future.

Where is 5G used?

Broadly speaking 5G currently are used only at the main type of connected service like enhanced mobile broadband, lot service and mission critical communications. 

5G is designed to flexibly support future services at are undefined today.

How fast is 5G?

Based on IMT 2020 requirements 5G is designed to give peak data rates upto 20 MBPS. But there is much to it than this . In addition to its peak data rates 5G is designed to prove much more network capacity into a new spectrum such as mmWave.

For more immediate response and by lowering latency 5G can provide and overall and more uniform user experience at a consistently higher data rates even when users are moving around.

And all this because the new 5G NR mobile network is backed with the Gigabit LTE coverage foundation which  can provide Gigabit-LTE connectivity everywhere.

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