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Which Type Of Mask Is Best For You Against Coronavirus?

Which Type Of Mask Is Best For You Against Coronavirus?

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic every nation has made it mandatory for its citizen to wear a face mask whenever they go in public. It is believed that covering your face with a suitable mask will reduce or stop its contagion but which type of mask gives maximum security? is a puzzle to thousands. Here in this article we will answer this question so keep reading.


What sort of mask you wear does it really matter?

The protection level varies with different types of masks. Amongst all the surgical N95 has proved to offer the highest level of protection against COVID-19 infection. But due to its limited availability, high price, and uncomfortableness it is advised to keep it for the health care workers. N95 also contributes to landfill waste. Due to this people across the globe are looking for similar alternate like cotton reusable and single-use paper masks.

Evidence on the protection value of the single-use paper mask or the reusable cotton mask is still a subject of research but still is suggested to wear a mask as it is believed to reduce the virus infection.


Re-usable Cloth mask vs Single-use paper mask.

Outside surgical mask what level of protection any other mask provides is still emerging but there is said to have some benefit wearing them. The exact parameters on how much protection they offer to the wearer and the area surrounding them are still to be figured out. One that fits tighter around the nose is good but according to the US Center Of Diseases Control  (CDS) mask which included a bandana is better.

One US study suggested that household material can be used for making a mask that has the capacity to block particle of size 0.3 - 1.0 micron which is a typical size of any virus and bacteria and this can be found in vacuum cleaner bags, multiple layers of materials, heavyweight quilter cotton. Bandana and Scarves offer less protection but still manage to capture fraction of particle.

How to safely take them on and off.


Wash your hands with soap before you touch the mask. Cover your mouth with a mask and make sure there is no gap between your nose and mask for better protection. Avoid touching your mask especially the front portion if you do wash your hands with soap. Take it off using the elastic. Dispose of the mask with damp. If it's reusable wash it immediately and throw it in the dust bin if mend for single use. Never throw your mask in public this could infect others. Carry small zip lock bags if you get caught in a situation wherein you need to change your mask in public but before touching it sanitizes your hands thoroughly.

How often you need to wash?

The CDC suggests that the mask should be washed routinely.

What are the environmental concerns?

Most commercially available masks are made of up of plastics parts and are mend for single use only. If every person in the UK uses singles to use masks each day an extra 66,000 tons of plastic waste would be created says an analysis made by scientists at the University of London.

Another study led by Prof. Mark Miodownik and a team of UGL the use of reusable mask will reduce the plastic waste and climate change impact.

They say that reusable masks perform multiple tasks of the single-use masks without entering into the waste stream.

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