Why Feb 14 must be remembered as the Martyred day in India?

Why Feb 14 must be remembered as the Martyred day in India?

The martyred day is normally observed to pay homage to those who worked or fought for independence and showed the way of progress to the nation.  Yearly people of the specific country get a chance to remember the brave hearts, those who had worked relentlessly for their country and lost their life. Being the largest democrat, We Indians now can lead a peaceful life. Since independence in 1947, the nation had faced many problems and overcame those with the front end decisions and efforts. The role of our soldiers in the national security on the backfields can never be forgotten and those who sacrificed their life at borders don’t have any substitutes. 

Celebration in India

 In India, we observe the martyr’s day on the death anniversary of the father of our nation- Mahatma Gandhi. Every year people pay homage to that great soul on that day- January 30th. On this day our president, prime minister and all those who are in the front end ruling positions will visit his samadhisthal and pay tribute to the great soul. With a 2 minute silent prayer, we will pray for their souls and grieving families. And, how can we forget the ones who fought for us on the borders on that day? Any patriot can’t do that to them. The Indian army pays special honor to them at the India gate. On every republic day, the Indian Prime minister visits the flame of immortal soldiers at the India gate to pay the nation's tribute to them.

Soldiers the role models

The Indian soldiers are the embodiment of audacity and undaunted dedication to duty. Comparing with any other Indian community, the soldiers represent an iconic Indian. Meticulously sincere, apolitical, and reliable soldiers are the real assets to our county. We can’t value their service with money or any rewards. More than a profession they treat their job as their life. Leaving their families behind, they guard us in any adverse weather conditions.

He never fails to guard our country- whether it is the lonely Himalayan Mountains, scorching northeast forests, or the blazing Thar Desert. From 1947 onwards they are guarding the Kashmir valley which still continues to be the notorious terrorist spot. Several wars against the Pakistan army were fought bravely by the Indian soldiers.

 In the nation-building also the soldiers play a cardinal role. They act as the regular rescuers in the flood operations. During earthquakes and all, they help the civilians to do away with the bodies from the residuals. The cyclone affected areas were visited immediately and they started the rescue operations immediately. They never felt it hard to reach the remote areas of the country during such emergency situations. We can point out many examples of their peacemaking efforts in any part of our nation. Thus their pivotal role in national integrity should be appreciated, heart fully.

Why Feb 14 is Black day for India?

 As the world celebrates the valentines’ day on the 14th February, we Indians can’t celebrate that day in the name of love. We lost the valuable life of 40 soldiers in the Pulwama attack in Kashmir on 2019 February 14 Thursday. Many more people got injured in the same attack. The terrorist group Jaish-e- Mohammed targeted the Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police force) convoy carrying around 2500 soldiers. They drove down a heavy loaded explosive vehicle right into the army vehicles and there exploded many lives. The Indian nationals recommended the mightiest possible reaction against them. It is being the deadliest terror attacks in India supported indirectly by Pakistan. All the national leaders and even the United Nation condemned the attack. The injured people are still suffering from the reminiscences.

After the deadliest ever attacks faced by the Indian army India stroked back with the surgical strike. The IAF took the initiative to demolish the terrorist’s camp in the Balkot region in Pakistan and took the lives of nearly 300 terrorists. In the following chain reactions, Pakistan shot down the Indian fighter plane and captured the brave Indian wing commander Abhinandan. As the two countries were on the verge of another war, Pakistan showed the gesture of peace under great international pressure. And they released the commander soon.

After the 2001 legislative Assembly attack which took the life of 41 people, the Pulwama attack is considered as the deadliest. Making a revisit to the nearer attacks, in 2016, 8 soldiers were killed in the Lethpora attack and in 2017 also we lost 5 CRPF personnel. The notorious URI attack was in the year 2016 September.  Valuable lives of 18 army soldiers gone away in that attack and dozens of others got injured. The wildness of the assault tempted to India fighting a surgical strike against Pakistan.

How we can repay our soldiers?

 We are celebrating many days for mothers, fathers, daughters, teachers and the list goes on. Then can’t we make a day to remember our soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our safety and for many who still guarding and provides peaceful days and nights. You won’t get another best day than February 14 to pay homage to the martyred and the border guarding soldiers in our country. Conducting prayer meetings and honoring functions on that day will make their families proud. And such functions will be a genuine motivation for the younger generation of our country. These are the best systems to inculcate patriotism in young minds. 

The inevitable contributions of the soldiers to the nation’s integrity and security should never be gone realized. The soldiers leave their dear ones alone and treat the whole country as their mother and the citizens as their family. The brave attempts of the Indian soldiers to stop terrorism inside the country and in the borders are incredible. Though their deeds will be always there in our mind as the inner strength and their life as our prayer every day, let’s start thinking of paying our due respect to the soldiers on this particular day of February 14.


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