Why the population control bill is necessary for India?

Why The Population Control Bill IS Necessary For India?

The current COVID-2019 pandemic has given a major set back to the Indian economy today. According to the experts, India has now entered into the third phase of the virus spread and its population is becoming a major challenge to the government. Does this call the need to implement a population control bill by the government? and below are the reasons why the population control bill needs to be introduced in India? 


The second most populated nation in the world, India seeks to introduce the population control bill with an effort to control the population that is growing at a fast pace than ever before.  The population is projected to be rising at an estimated average of 1.69 billion and will be higher than that of China, the most populated country in the world. Union Minister Sanjeev Balyan has recently confirmed the plan to introduce the bill, and the formulation is worked upon by the Central Government. Let us now explore more about the bill and why it deems necessary for the country.

Essentials of a Population Control Bill:

  • The Act might be referred to as the Population Control Act, which is applicable to the whole of India.
  • According to the act, government employees need to give an undertaking that only two children are to be procreated by them.

Two child policy

The two-child policy is a popular term that has been frequently used in the public arena with the help of advertisements or jargon. This is a term that is quite common to the Indians and has recently been initiated by the government. The two-child policy refers to a government-imposed limit offered to allow the procreation of two children per family. The perks of this policy ensure government subsidies being introduced to the first two children solely. 

Reasons why the population control bill needs to be introduced in India:

The population control bill deems necessary to be introduced in India for a number of reasons. With the population increasing every single day, efforts are initiated only to attain failed responses. It is getting next to impossible to control the population, which is why an Act is the need of the hour. Here are a few reasons why the bill is necessary to be introduced in India.

     1. India’s population is expected to surpass that of China by 2050

In accordance with the East Asia Forum report, the estimated population of the country is soon to be rising and surpassing that of China, the most populated country in the world. It is projected to be rising to 1.69 billion, and that is one scary figure to look that.

     2. Demand to rise for food and water likewise

The global demand is estimated to be alleviating as well by 2050 and is projected to be rising as high as 50 percent to what was compared in the year 2000. Some reports also state the demand for food supply to be growing and doubling by the year 2050. Irrespective of the ability to feed the expanding population, the growth still not is sustainable in an ecological manner.

    3. Effective and proven means of reducing population

The initiative has proved to be reducing the population on a larger scale as has been in China. It has proved to be an effective means of reducing the population in China and has managed to reduce it by a possible figure of 400 million as stated by the report of East India Forum.

   4. To reduce the harmful impact on the environment

With the growing pace of increased population, it is getting difficult for individuals to stop the growing dampening impact on the environment. The need for getting a piece of environment is rising every day. In order to restore it to its normal condition and reduce its harmful impact, it is essential to introduce the bill with an effort to curb the population and control it likewise.

   5. To bring a reduction in unemployment

India is currently experiencing a high rate of unemployment which can double in the next ten years if no necessary measures are taken to control the population. The projected unemployment can seek to reduce with the help of a population control bill that limits each family to two children. The reduction in birth rate paves the way for a demographic dividend as the economically productive proportion seeks to grow rapidly as compared to the general population rate. With a decreased population, competition among individuals is lowered, and unemployment seeks to be alleviated.

   6. To improve overall living standards

In India, the number of individuals below the poverty line is a shocking number that is impossible to ignore. With a 22% population thriving below the poverty line, India is way ahead in terms of the larger poverty line as compared to any other country in the world. This is caused due to a lack of resources as compared to the huge population the country has. Increased population links to cultural and economic backwardness and hence the population bill needs to be introduced with an effort to combat poverty.

   7. Reduce the carbon emission

Population bill control also aims to reduce the carbon emission in India while helping to alleviate climate change. The carbon emission refers to the carbon dioxide emission caused as a result of a number of human activities. India ranks 5th with producing the highest carbon emission in the entire world and without a curb in population, achieving a lower rate would not be possible.


A number of health experts have viewed the bill to be a positive change that aims to curb the population. With the help of the amendment bill, the initiative can be taken to not only help control the population but also offer advantages economically and socially. 

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