You Will Die Within a Week of COVID-19 If You Have This Medical Condition.

You Will Die Within a Week of COVID-19 If You Have This Medical Condition. 

Upon Hospitalization only 1 in 10 COVID Diabetes patients May Die Within a Week.


Since the outbreak of COVID globally researchers are scrambling to know the about this highly contagious and deadly virus. Early on they found that people suffering from Diabetes are at higher risk for severe illness along with those with chronic kidney, liver or lung disease, immune compromised and the elderly.

A new French study have determined the risk you may carry if you contract COVID-19 being a diabetic patient.  

Obesity &  Sleep Apnea also increase the risk.

Researchers have pointed out that those suffering from diabetes are over twice as likely to die within a week if they catch COVID. Also those suffering from breathlessness  and obesity are twice as likely to die.  Age is also a major contributing factor patients of age 75 years are 14 times at higher risk over patients of age 55 and 60 years.

Analyzing the data with over 1300 patents from 53 different hospitals from March 1 to March 31 researchers found out that 89% of them were of Type - 2 diabetes. This is the most common illness where the patient fail to respond to the insulin and Just 1% suffered from Type -1 ( In this the body does not produce insulin.)

The participants were mostly of age group of 75 years if which 65% were men.

What The Takeaway For The Future.

Researchers believe that their research will help the medical experts to keep the diabetes patients at bay so they won't catch COVID-19.

The link between obesity and COVID-19 should be identified said the research author writing about the research," "Special attention should be paid to elderly people with long-standing diabetes and advanced diabetic complications, who are at risk of fatal COVID-19 and therefore require the strict application of specific management to avoid contamination with SARS-CoV-2," 

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