YouTube California Female Suspects shoots at 3 then Kills herself

Gun Shots fired at YouTube  California. Female Suspects Dead 3 injured.

YouTube Headquarter  heard an open firing by a women suspect this Tuesday, which scrambles employees to streets. The Female suspects shoots herself injuring 3 victims, said police.

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YouTube Quarter heard rounds of open firing by a women this Tuesday , which scrambles employees to streets. The suspects shooting hospitalized at least three victims before killing herself, said police. Police did not release any further information and speculations of what  led the suspect and her motive  to commit such act  at YourTube Space.

“We did locate a victim which what we believe to be self-inflicted  gunshot wound. It’s a female,” said Police Chief Ed Barberini of San Bruno at a news conference. Three victims have been identified and hospitalized which includes a 36 year women under critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital, another women of age 32 under serious condition and the third victim a 27 year old women under fair condition. So far the Authorities didn’t names of the Victims.

Describing the incident on Twitter YouTube Product Manager Todd Sherman wrote on Twitter, after hearing people running he first thought it was an earthquake but later was informed about a person carrying a gun.

Sherman Wrote, “At that point every person I saw a  potential shooter . Someone else said that the person that the person shot out at back door and then shot themselves,”

“I looked down and saw blood drips on the floor and stairs. Peaked around for threats and then we headed downstairs  and out the front.” He added

Shooting at YouTube California

Talking to NBC Google Stated that it is coordinating with the local authorities for details.

“ Customers said they heard what could have been a gunshot when they were on their way,”  an employee of Big Mouth Burgers located at YouTube Building Natalie Manginate said on phone, but according to her she did not see or notice anything.

Images from the Local television shows people walking out with their hands raised from the Building.

In Last month YouTube updating their policy which will ban those channel which feather or promote sale of guns and accessories including the videos which shows how to make guns.

For Futher Details: The New York Times.

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